Welcome to WearBlueTree

At WearBlueTree, our mission is to shape everyday wear with inspiring graphic design. My collection has a clean look, utilizing shapes, words and colors for emphasis. Some are subtle while others are bold. I aim to complement your lifestyle with great designs for women, men and kids. Snug is my sidekick: Calm, cool and laid back. Inspire to aim high, dream on and be yourself. Kids, women and men can all relate to Snug.
Founder & Designer Wes Aoki
 After 20+ years as a graphic designer, director and consultant, my love for Athletics, Preserving Wild Life/Nature and Graphic Design led to this endeavor. I often get asked about our name: WearBlueTree. My last name - "Ah - Oh - Key" translates to Blue Tree in Japanese. So, WearBlueTree is WearAoki. I hope everyone can connect to WearBlueTree at some point in their lives. Please shop and view our collection. I only use established clothing brands such as Bella/Canvas, Next Level and Gildan for my designs. Buy some for yourself and add more as gifts. We guarantee your satisfaction or offer a full refund. You can text, call or email me with any questions. Please post, SHARE and thank you for looking!
Text / Call 408-673-1109
Email: info@wearbluetree.com 
Orders: orders@wearbluetree.com