Welcome to WearBlueTree

At WearBlueTree, our mission is to shape everyday wear with inspiring graphic design. My collection has a clean look, utilizing shapes, words and colors for emphasis.
Founder & Designer Wes Aoki
 After 20+ years as a graphic designer, director and consultant, my love for athletics led to this endeavor. I often get asked about our name: WearBlueTree. My last name - "Ah - Oh - Key" translates to Blue Tree in Japanese. I hope everyone can connect to WearBlueTree at some point in their lives. Please view our collection and spread the word. Buy some for yourself, your team and add more as gifts. We guarantee your satisfaction or get a full refund. You can text, call or email me with any questions.
Please post, SHARE and thank you for looking!
Text / Call 408-386-9107
Email: info@wearbluetree.com 
Orders: orders@wearbluetree.com